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4 proven tips to choose a Christmas gift to WOW your loved one

That’s it! Holiday season is coming!

And although it IS the most wonderful time of the year, it can be so stressful!

Not only you need to find gifts for everyone on your list, but often you have to figure out what kind of gifts each of them would love!

Some give you Christmas lists, and some just say: “I don’t want anything!” But you know that they will love to see that you took time to think, find, and surprise them with something unique and special.

If you make your gift giving PERSONAL, I can guarantee that they will be happy!

So just buying a bunch of beauty sets with a value pricing for all girls in your family, because they are on sale in Walmart or Macy’s for Black Friday, is okay, but nothing personal and touching. After all, the holiday season is all about celebrating love and connection.

What if instead of boring bundles or sets you WOWed your wife or Mom with an opportunity of a great experience, adventure, pampering service, or a custom gift made only for her, to show her how much she is loved and appreciated?

So let’s talk about your significant other: husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend.

Here there are some proven tips for you from my experience and research, to show your loved ones that you really love and treasure them, understand and pay attention, and cherish your time together.

1. Think about your loved one. What is their personality, and which things or experience would give them joy and define who they are? What do they love and are passionate about? What would make a difference in their life? If you find the gift that goes with it, they will appreciate how caring you are, and how much you understand and love them. Is your spouse a practical person, loves decorating the house, enjoys gardening or building things? On the other hand, maybe he or she is creative and romantic, and would prefer something for the mind and soul rather than practical tools?

2. Give your loved one an unforgettable experience. It can be a ticket to see her favorite band, show, or a movie. Or a short romantic trip with you somewhere warm and nice. Or a pampering session in her favorite spa. As an artistic photographer, I know that one of the most amazing transformational experiences for my clients is a boudoir photo session. This is truly a life changing adventure for a woman, to re-discover her beauty, femininity, and confidence, and learn to love her own body again. And if you are a man thinking about gifting your girlfriend or wife a boudoir session, let’s be honest: It’s a gift not only for her, but for you as well. Not only have you got a beautiful wall art of your wife to spice up your relationship. If she feels beautiful and attractive, she will be more open and passionate with you, and definitely appreciate you.

3. Give them something special that you made, something that is only between you and him/her that reminds of your first date, or unforgettable experience together. Give them a part of you. Write them a poem. Gift them a beautiful couple photo session to rekindle the flame and celebrate your love story.

4. Finally, make it a fun game! Don’t forget about creative packaging! Make them laugh as they keep unwrapping one box inside of another, until they get that gift card hidden in the very last one. Creativity is fun!

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