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Fire Art Studios
Anna Zaharyan
Fire Art Photography
Fire Art Photography


I fell in love with creating beauty the first time my mother put a pencil in my hand.

I felt this newly found passion fire up an eternal flame of creativity - that was when I knew I was born to be an artist.

However, because I didn’t know how to accept myself, value my artistic ability, and contribute to the world, I ran through life like the wind, looking for a belonging.

But there was a transformation within me during which I realized I always knew my place! I knew I was passionate about both creating art and inspiring others to allow their inner power flourish.

The solution was simple – I could motivate and empower people by creating conceptual artistic photography. It is my purpose and my mission. 

I seek beauty everywhere. Every person has something special in them, and I see it and bring it out in my photography and art.

Finding your true identity and freedom through your passion and internal transformations always fascinated me.


Through my art and photography I want to encourage and empower you, to help you SEE and REMEMBER that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG and can handle anything that comes your way.

I want you to celebrate your special love story, and receive not just prints, but the whole EXPERIENCE.


I am also a Mom, a Girlfriend, and a proud hedgehog's Mom. I named him Thor in honor of the Norse God of Thunder, and he is the most active and talkative hedgehog of all I've seen.

Looking forward to hear YOUR story!

Let's connect!

Anna Zaharyan.


A session with me is not just "shoot, burn, and move on".

Your session is not about me; it's about you. I have a passion for creating beauty and helping you.

I HELP TO SHAPE YOUR PERSONAL STORY through artistic vision, to create powerful visual tools that let you reach YOUR GOALS.

Your Portrait or Glamour session is all about  YOUR STANDARD OF BEAUTY, quality experience, and full posing guidance, so you felt beautiful, relaxed, happy, and pampered.

Your Business photo session is for YOUR specific business needs and goals, tailored to attract YOUR target audience, reflect your brand, and create an irresistible first impression.

Your Boudoir session is designed to make you feel sensual, powerful, and confident again, regarding of age, gender, life experience, or body shape.

Your Family, Couple, Baby, or Maternity photo sessions are about CONNECTION and LOVE, keeping forever precious life moments that will be treasured and passed to the next generations as a timeless, beautiful photographic art.

We design your session together, and it won't be a snap shot; it will be your special piece of ART, full of love, experience, and beauty.


This is why we connect first. I want to hear your story, needs, and desires. It will be a collaboration. 

Do you want to feel attractive and special?

What emotions do you want people feel every time they see your picture? 

Do you want to feel proud to show the world the obstacles you have overcome, achievements you have accomplished, and lessons you have learned that made you so wise and strong?

What style resonates with your personality?

What do you want to express?

Do you want to feel confident in the way you look, to remind yourself about your power and freedom to be whoever you want to be?


The image we create can serve both as a memorandum to yourself if you were to need a boost of confidence and power, or a gift to your family that is unlike any other portrait they may already have of you.

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