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Maternity & Baby Photography
Tell Your Story Through the Lifetime of Your Baby

Thank you for trusting my studio with your beautiful baby!

Let a portrait photographer capture precious time with your baby to store away your memories! These memories strengthen your family bonds, confirm your love to each another, and your special connection with your little ones!

Babies grow fast, and change every day. You have a limited time to capture those special moments. Usually mothers don’t have many pictures of their baby with themselves in them or maternity pictures. Yes, they are tired and busy, and they don’t have as much time to take care of themselves as they used to. They feel a little down because they question their body image. So they take a plenty of iPhone pictures of their precious little one with the father and siblings, and forget about their own images.


Think about it from your children’s angle. Your little guys and girls will grow up and look through their baby albums looking for the pictures with their Mom, pictures that keep forever alive their special connection and fun times that were shared together. They will want these pictures of you holding them and looking at them with the motherly unconditional love. And as they grow old, they will treasure these pictures even more. It doesn’t matter that you gained a couple of extra baby pounds; you are always beautiful for them, you are their favorite person who they love and care for deeply.

You want to leave your children with sweet memories about how much you and their Dad loved them for what they are, and how many special moments you shared together. It will help them to build their own families with love and understanding.

You need quality portraits with your babies through all years as they grow up!

You need to be reminded that you are beautiful on any stage of your life! Not just on your graduation or wedding day. Always. When you are pregnant. When you are sharing special moments with your little ones. When you age with the love of your life. Surrounded by grandchildren. When you celebrate milestones in your life. You are beautiful and loved. And don’t worry about “not looking good enough”. I will guide you through some tips and tricks how to prepare for your session, and I will lead you through the posing process, to make sure you look your best!

$120 Session Fee is required to book the session.  Session fee includes: Pre-consultation,  session preparation, 1-2 hours of shooting in studio, on outdoor location, or in your house, preparation of best fully edited image proofs, and a Reveal session. It does not include products.


Product Pricing range is between $100 and $790. Contact me with details on the products you are looking for, to receive your Quote.