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Fire Art Studios photography. Richmond photographer. Glamour and fine art photography.

Let me introduce you to my work process and timeline. To assure you get the best experience and high quality products, I dedicate between 15 and 18 hours  of my time preparing and organizing your personal photo session and products crafted just for you. It includes preparing multiple informative materials, helpful tips, and questionnaires, brainstorming and preparation on location,home, or in the studio, 1-hour consultation, 1-2 hours of shooting and changing outfits, cleaning up, choosing the best photos, between 4 and 10 hours of editing (more for the conceptual fine art portrait that needs compositing), ordering session and order preparation, designing and finishing production, ordering in the pro photo lab, packaging, and delivery.

My goal is to create something special for you that is not just a photograph, but rather is a piece of art that reflects your identity, strengths, and unique beauty, something that motivates and empowers you every time you see it. 

During booking we will schedule your consultation,  photo session, and reveal session times.

Please don't bring children on your sessions, so we could keep focus on you, unless you scheduled a portrait with your child.

The preparation tips are explained in detail below.


During your pre-consultation we will talk and go through sample images to brainstorm ideas on how you see yourself being photographed, what style resonates with your personality, and any specific concerns and requests you might have. Consultations last about 1 hour.

You will receive a questionnaire that will help me to find out how you want to see yourself and design the perfect for you session. We will practice relaxing facial expressions, smiling with eyes, and design the perfect for you poses.

You will discover how to relax and use soft "ballet" hands, how to create the curves in the body in the right places and look slimmer, as well as any concerns you have about your session. 

If you book a fine art session, we will discuss details of your special shot in-depth, including concept, brainstorming design ideas, matching outfit, setting up the scene, location, and poses.

We also go through any questions you have about the session, timeline, product samples, pricing, or policy.


Session fee is non-refundable, but you can reschedule your session one time for any available date within 6 months of the original appointment date. 

If you have to reschedule your photo session time, you need to give me at least 24 hours notice. If you already had your consultation, your rescheduled session should have same style and character as discussed. If you reschedule your session before your consultation, you will have a consultation appointment about a week before your new session date.  

If you no-show without the 24 hours notice on either consultation or photo session date, your session fee is non-refundable, and you can't reschedule the session you paid for.


After your consultation you can purchase, rent, or borrow outfits for your personalized session to make it special: old vintage dresses, gowns, prom and evening dresses, little black dress, scarves, hats/fascinators, and accessories.

Don't forget about your favorite clothes.

To prepare for the session, consider bringing 3-5 outfits, and take care of your skin, make-up, hair color/style, and nails.


Please prepare nude and black strapless (usually push-up) bras and matching thongs/no show panties, nude pantyhose, and spandex shapewear. Any gowns, lingerie, vintage, gothic, pin-up items you want to wear will help too. 


Please be ready for the photo session on time.

For the first 20 minutes we will talk, do some relaxing exercises, and practice soft expressions, to assure you feel comfortable and content.

Next we will start posing and shooting. I will guide you through the whole process.The easiest way to take right poses will be mirroring me.

We will capture multiple poses in every location, standing, sitting, leaning, and lying down.   

You need to know that many of these poses might feel uncomfortable, but they will look natural on the photographs. For every shape and body type I will see which poses make it look best, so the poses will be chosen to contour your figure better, create attractive, longer, feminine hour-glass shape. 



Please clean your skin with the scrub, and get your make-up and hair completely ready in time for your session. Your roots should be touched up. If it's a fine art session, we will discuss make-up and hair style on your consultation, to make sure they match your concept.  

It's important to have your eyebrows groomed and any unwanted hair removed before your session.

Fingernails and toenails should match, be trimmed, and have no nail polish or colored in nude/light-pink. Avoid any bright colors or designs, except for white tip french designs, unless it matches some specific concept that was discussed during the consultation. 

Please don't use heavy foundation; keep your face look fresh and stylish.

It's best to get good sleep/rest before your session, to look refreshed and content.

Your reveal session will be scheduled on the day of your booking. Normally it's held in 3-4 days after the photo session. In some cases it's possible to have it on the same day of the session, but I need at least four hours to choose your best 20 photos and do standard retouching. When you choose your products, selected images will be retouched to perfection, printed, packaged, and delivered.

On your reveal/ordering session you will see your 20-25 best images, as well as paper and product samples, available sizes, and add-on items. You need to make final product choices during the ordering session. You are welcome to bring your partner/family member/friend with you, if you need their advice before making your selections. 


Fire Art Studios reserves a copyright for all final images, but gives a permission to clients to make additional prints from HD digital images that they bought.


It is required for clients to sign the Model Release that states that customers are informed that Fire Art Studios has a right to use their images for advertising and portfolio purposes.

Glamour, boudoir photographer in Richmond VA.
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