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Conceptual Fine Art Branding Image 
Communicate the Right Value to Your Target Audience, and Showcase Your Business Personality!
Yemaja Goddess Fine Art Portrait by Anna Zaharyan
Brand Fine Art Portrait by Anna Zaharyan
Dancer Fine Art Portrait by Anna Zaharyan

Your business has a personality. FIne Art Branding Portrait represents a deep concept behind your brand, and reflects your passion, your purpose, and your goals as a business owner. To stand out from the crowd of competitors, Fine Art Portrait can be a great visual tool attracting attention, because it's unique and meaningful for your potential customers.



It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind art that represents your vision, concept, and meaning of your business.

During the pre-consultation, we discuss your goals, passion, and meaning of your brand, and I create an artistic vision of the possible ways to translate them into an art work.

We work on it together. I guide you through the process during the session, and then I photograph you in the specific position and set up, combine photographic imagery with compositing elements and painting skills. My goal is to transform an ordinary photo into something inspiring and truly original that reflects and speaks to you.

Richmond Artistic Photographer review
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