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Boudoir Photography
Transform Your Life with Boudoir Experience!

Boudoir portraits is a way to get your power back.

Boudoir sessions have become popular because more and more women have decided that there is no reason they shouldn’t be pictured in the romantic and airy images so prevalent in magazines, film, and advertising today. Very few of us are lingerie models or movie stars, but we all deserve a moment in the spotlight, if it’s to share with the person we love, or just to remind ourselves that we can shine, no matter our age or body type.

So buy yourself something pretty, be pampered, be glowing, be glamorous. Stop the clock, enjoy, and make this an experience that’s all about celebrating you. You will be enchanting. You will shine. You will charm. You will be radiant. Because you will be you.


Expressing sensuality in the safe environment can be a life changing event for a woman.

It feels like freedom. It makes her accept herself the way she is and feel beautiful, desired, and confident.

And if she is confident with who she is, people around her will be see her beauty and femininity too!

Wouldn’t it be great if every woman could accept her sexuality and femininity and express it shamelessly, be comfortable with her body, and with showing how much she want to show, and feel beautiful?

If you look for a Richmond photographer or  fine art photographer to capture your sensual self, empower your feminine side, and wow your man, I would love to hear your story and goals, and help you achieve exactly what you want!


So who would benefit from the boudoir sessions?

  • Any woman who wants to feel sensual, desired, attractive,

  • Men who want beautiful sensual portraits of their women, or passionate couple portraits,

  • Couples that lost this sparkle and look to spike up her relationship,

  • Brides,

  • People of all ages and sexual orientations who want to express and celebrate their identity and gain their power back,

  • Mothers who didn’t feel beautiful for a long time. Women change as they become mothers, they don’t have so much time and energy to take care of themselves anymore, and they notice every little change in their body, so they lose their self-esteem. They need to be reminded that they are not just Moms, they are still beautiful, passionate, sexual women.


Boudoir sessions give you freedom to be yourself, and help to look inside of you and find that sexuality and passion.

Take the first step to face your fears, false beliefs, and insecurities. Look deeper inside of you and let yourself out. Don’t let your fears dictate your life. You have to love and accept yourself before you can give this love and acceptance to anyone else.

$120 Session Fee is required to book the session.  Session fee includes: Pre-consultation,  session preparation, 1-2 hours of shooting in studio, on outdoor location, or in your house, preparation of best fully edited image proofs, and a Reveal session. It does not include products.


Product Pricing range is between $100 and $790. Contact me with details on the products you are looking for, to receive your Quote.