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How to improve your Body Image and Confidence with a Boudoir Photo Shoot

You deserve to have gorgeous, lasting images of yourself.

Whether it’s to show a potential life partner in the future, or to show off to your friends and make them jealous, or to just keep to yourself, you will know­ that you are powerful and you are definitely worth the investment. You might notice that how you view yourself changes. Read Emily’s story to find out more…

I’m Emily, and this is my boudoir story.

To let you know a little about me, I’m 34 years old, single, and loving my life. I feel strong and independent but sometimes that’s the problem – I spend SO much time at my job. I’m definitely at that point in life where I’m feeling the weight of the “adult world.” I like to go dancing with friends on Saturday nights but I also know I need to focus on my career. I’ve got some extra money right now because it’s just me and that feels nice, ya know? Like I’m free. My friend recommended Fire Art Studiosas a way for me to destress from my job and I think it’s worth a shot. She said it would create “a lasting, confident memory” of myself.

Before the Session…

I wonder if I should? It seems frivolous. But was it, really? My friend told me the details about a session with Anna and it seemed like she really knew what she was doing. She sounded professional yet relatable. Apparently, my friend felt really empowered afterwards. My friend referred to the session as an “investment.” I had never looked at a boudoir photo shoot as an “investment” but I liked the way it sounded. I am DEFINITELY worth investing in. I put so much time into my job that I deserve to have something for myself.

On the free pre-consultation, we met with Anna, and she showed my samples of her work, explained portrait sizes and the workflow. It made me feel much more comfortable as I knew exactly what to expect. She gave me valuable preparation tips and we discussed clothing, my requests and concerns, and she answered all my questions.

So, I booked a boudoir session with Anna…

At the time of the photo shoot, I didn’t feel quite right in my body. I was nervous about the mac and cheese I had the night before and I wondered if it was a bad choice because it might make me look puffy. I haven’t been working out as much lately because of my work schedule and I feel like that probably shows. Suddenly, I remembered the times on the playground when I was being teased for being a little shorter and chubbier than the other kids. All of my fears melted away when Anna set the stage for our shoot and made me laugh about one of the props. Anna told me a story of being nervous for her first boudoir photo shoot when SHE was the model. She explained how the boudoir experience changed the way she felt about her body, and how it improved her dating experience with men. I felt completely comfortable after that, because I did need this boost of confidence too!

During the Session…

During the photo shoot, I felt at ease with Anna. She seemed to have an intuitive way of understanding how I felt somehow. It was uncanny how she was so non-judgmental. Anna demonstrated poses for me and we did them together, so it felt comfortable and fun. She asked me about all my concerns with my body, and addressed them all with camera angles, right posing, and fabrics, so I looked my very best. She also asked me what level of beauty retouching I wanted. I felt reassured that any imperfections in my skin tone or parts of my body that I thought were unflattering could be professionally retouched. https://www.fireart-studios.com/before-and-after-photography

After the Session…

I had such a transformational experience already during the session, so I couldn’t wait for the ready images! When I saw the image proofs, they Wowed me! I couldn’t believe that I look so glamourous and attractive! It was really easy to choose proofs in the Dropbox folder. I chose almost all of them, as I loved them so much. https://www.fireart-studios.com/boudoir-photography

Anna offers A La Carte products and Collections, and it’s amazing how much value her Collections offer for the price! I was so excited to see the results – they looked better than I had ever imagined!

What can we learn from Emily’s story? Let’s see what Anna at Fire Art Studios has to say…

Maybe you’re feeling unsure of yourself lately. You’ve been busy and your main source of sustenance has been frozen dinners. You care about your career but you want time for self-care also. It’s difficult to fit everything in the schedule.

But sometimes you just have to put yourself on the to-do list. Even if you’re nervous about the prospect of posing half-naked in front of the camera, I will make you feel at ease. My clients have said that I have a way of understanding how they are feeling. I will pose with you and make you laugh. Your photo session is important to me because it’s a work of art. It is not only a timeless memento of your inner beauty; it’s also a source of pride for me as an artist.

You’ll feel empowered at the end when you see the result, but you’ll also learn a lot along the way. Boudoir sessions have a way of changing personal perceptions…they are a way to resolve old wounds and become a more tenacious version of yourself. You are investing in something that stays with you all these coming years, to remind you what a beautiful woman you are, to keep your thoughts positive, your confidence high, and your partner proud.

It’s really easy to book a session – fill out the contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours! https://www.fireart-studios.com/contact-richmond-photographer

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