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Nervous in front of a camera?

Are you anxious in front of a camera, because you don’t know what to do with your hands or legs?

One of the most important skills to look for in a photographer for your portrait photo session is their knowledge of posing, unless you are a model and know how to pose to look fabulous.

In my experience, every woman (and man) feels nervous and anxious because they don’t know what to do with their body to look natural, relaxed, and attractive at the same time.

I have good news for you: Everyone can be photogenic; you just need to know posing tips, camera angle tricks, and the right lighting. Or make sure their photographer has these skills and is willing to guide you through, to save you a lot of anxiety.

When I just started my business, I didn’t know how important a posing knowledge is, and let them stand the way they choose. Of course, everyone wants to look great on the photos, but they don’t know how the camera “sees” them, and how to pose the most flattering way. So my past clients from years ago had to try hard and felt a lot of pressure to make the posing decisions. As a result, they looked tense and “posed”, with an unnatural smile to hide their pain. Until I learned all the posing and camera angle tricks.

I am so happy I invested in these classes! My clients feel so comfortable and relaxed now, when I control posing, the right angles, and teach them right expressions; no more fake smiles or awkward hands! The funny thing is that when I did start posing them the right way, they looked much more natural and authentic than if I didn’t pose them! Some poses do feel weird, but they look great and real on the photos.

And I do the poses the way I suggest my clients do them. I lay on the floor, stand or sit the exact way, and I am not afraid to show them the right angle and expression, because this is what puts them at ease. We are in this together!

I will post some valuable posing tips and tricks on every Monday, starting tomorrow!

And please contact me if you have any questions or specific concerns about posing, so I could address them as well.

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