• Anna Zaharyan

Your Mom deserves it!

When was the last time your Mom took a beautiful portrait of herself?

Do you have many solo pictures of your Mom? Probably not. And this is sad. You and your children would treasure beautiful portraits of her that keep her loving smile, that sparkle in her eye, something that you cannot find in anyone else!

The Mother takes unlimited pictures of her children, but forgets about herself.

Maybe she just does not have time to take care about herself, or feels awkward to take solo portraits.

Maybe she does not feel that beautiful girl she used to be anymore... Her lifestyle and body change, and she doesn’t have time to pamper herself, or energy to have fun. She has many responsibilities now. She compares herself to others and feels that she can’t measure up.

Feeling not beautiful lowers her self-esteem, especially for the woman who is generally critical of her looks.

Give your Mom a gift of a glam portrait session, when she can relax and enjoy the experience, and together we will design a personal artistic portrait that will help her to embrace her unique beauty and create the new confident her!

I tailor my professional tools, artistic vision, skills, and knowledge to the each woman, depending on her concerns, desires, goals, looks, and style.

It's not just a photograph that captures her looks, it's much more. It's a piece of art and a powerful visual tool that awakens her confidence, positive thoughts, and emotions, and makes her feel magnificent and beautiful every time she sees it. Show her that she is loved and very special!

On every stage of your life, you can find beauty within you. My mission is to take it out through my lens and showcase it, as a reminder for you to feel delighted with the woman you have become.

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