• Anna Zaharyan

Treasure what you have

Let’s stop rushing through life for a minute.

Let’s reflect and enjoy the present moment.

Whoever you are and wherever you are now, you are meant to be here and now.

You always have something to treasure and be thankful for.

Your family?

Your achievements and self-realization?

Your success, even it’s small? People that love and believe in you?

Freedom and quality time to do what you love?

Even simple things that we normally forget about:

house to live in,

air to breathe,

food and water,

health and energy,

trees and birds singing for us,

the Sun, the Earth, and the beauty around.

We change.

We celebrate the life milestones.

We connect.

We find love and grow a family.

We raise children and get pets.

We grow as individuals and professionals.

We always have something to celebrate.

Life moments fly away and never come back.

Time keeps running.

People leave. We lose our loved ones, but keep memories in our hearts forever.

You never know what happens tomorrow.

Enjoy and keep the happy moments today, your parents’ smiles, your child’s laugh, your achievements and your unique beauty. You are beautiful on any stage of life. Sometimes you don’t see it and don’t believe in it, but your children do.

Let me help you to see how beautiful you are, wherever you are on your life journey right now, whatever you look like, whatever life baggage you have, and whenever you believe in yourself or not.

I will find your beauty and will take it out through my lens for you and everyone else to see. This is my gift and my mission.

Let me create a personal timeless photographic art of you or your loved ones.

So you could keep it and pass to generations.

So your children still treasured it for years and years to come.

So you had a beautiful memory of your parents long after they are gone, that never fades and will be passed to the next generations.

Photography for me is not just capturing your looks; this is a high end Art, timeless and meaningful, capturing emotions, personality, and dreams.

I aim to transform a photograph into a special, unique, and powerful piece of Art that matters.

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