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July 2017 News

My biggest achievement for this summer is that I finally got space where I can build my studio! I am still working on creating backgrounds and props, and already tried my studio for the first time for the Vintage Inspired Love Story Session.

I still have a lot of ideas and things to do for my studio.

I recently bought a few creative photography tutorial courses and can't wait to use my new knowledge on practice. I want to offer something different and unique; and creating props and outfit accents for photography sessions is definitely on my list.

Another thing I started (and keep working on) is my new BLOG and FORUM. I hesitated to start blogging for years (I am not a writer! I am a visual person; plus, English is my second language), but it's something I need to do, if I want to share my knowledge and ideas with all of you!

I am going to post helpful tips not only about photography, but also self-empowering topics, life lessons I learned that can help other people to overcome fears, and motivate them when they need it.

And I definitely want the Fun section on my Forum. Everyone loves games, riddles, jokes, and fun facts!

I am planning to publish my Blog in the end of July- beginning of August, 2017.

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