• Anna Zaharyan

November 2017 News

It's almost end of the year. It's time get ready for winter, and for the holiday season.

For me it was a month of GIVING THANKS, Thanksgiving mini-sessions, and Networking.

I realized that I can find much more connections and partnerships through face-to-face networking than through online paid advertisements or direct mail.

As an introvert that loves deep one-on-one conversations and delivering unique, quality products and services,

I was pleased to make so many meaningful connections with other businesses so fast. I know that December will be very busy with Christmas photo sessions and preparations for the holiday season, but in January I will definitely continue networking, creating new partnerships, and developing the existing ones.

I want to thank all my partners and businesses that collaborate with me, and also all my clients and friends for choosing my services.

I VALUE YOU AND YOUR SUPPORT! I am happy to have you in my life, so we could help each other to achieve something amazing, feel powerful and beautiful, and I am so happy that you love my work, and thankful for all your referrals, feedback, and support! Happy holidays!

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